A Child Of The King

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Patricia Klinger Schrope

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Bernie Siegel, M.D. author Love, Magic & Mud Pies writes This is a book with a heart. We who have not lived the experience are tourists and can not understand. A Child of the King shares the life of a native who survived the wounds related to the death of her child from cancer and shows us how we can heal and turn charcoal into a diamond under the pressure of life. We are all wounded and so can learn from Pat Schrope's life and experience how to survive, ultimately thrive and learn that love is the only thing of permanence. I have long said that it would be fine with me if my obituary someday would read simply, Pat Schrope, Mother. The word defines me, and Mothering is what I have done best in my life. Even while addressing my dog I often say, Come to The Mother or The Mother loves you. I am, above all, a mother. My world was shattered when my daughter, Tracy, contracted a cancer despicable enough to invade a child. Four years later, at age ten, the disease claimed my little girl. Thank God I was still a mother and nevertheless could sweetly embrace and cleave to my youngest daughter, then only eight. Tracy's story was begun as a loving reminiscence for her little sister. I wanted us to remember EVERYTHING. I wanted us to be able to celebrate and preserve Tracy with these words. After awhile I began to see an opportunity to offer help and inspiration to many others who are dealt illnesses and worse, the loss of their dear children. I realized that I was uniquely qualified to share much in regard to what helped us get through it. Further, we were given the way to transcend the sorrow and to after all, endure. A Child of the King is not always sad. It is quite naturally a heartwarming story that will reveal how we coped with tragedies in our lives. In the midst of turmoil we liberally sprinkled fun, joy, delight and diversion. Tracy was like a comedienne who could laugh in the face of adversity.